Student Services Annex


919 Sixteenth Street
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Episcopal Student Center

Rededicated as Career Planning and Placement Center

Apr. 2009:
Rechristened Psychological Service Center (PSC)

May 1, 2009:
PSC Open house

Aug. 2015:
Renamed Student Services Annex







The Student Services Annex is located at the southeast corner of Bearkat Boulevard and Avenue J.

In the early-to-mid 1900s the Smith sisters (Emma, Mary, and Harriet) lived in a house at this location [1]. Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church bought the land after the sisters died and built the present church building in the late 1950s. It is assumed that as the university and church each grew, the congregation moved elsewhere and the university bought the land and maintained the building for the Episcopal Student Center. In the mid-1980s, the Episcopal Student Center moved to their present home in the Canterbury House.

In the early 1990s the building was repurposed as the University Career Services office. It was announced in January 2009 that Career Services operations would move from this building to a recently vacated area within AB4, and the clinical psychology program would relocate here [2].

The building was renamed the Psychological Service Center (PSC) in April 2009. The PSC's former location was absorbed into the nearby Art Complex. In summer 2015, the PSC moved into the building last used by the University Health Center.

The inaugural occupants of the Student Services Annex included the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Student Money Management Center.


Psychological Service Center

This aerial photograph from c.1920 shows the Smith and Sowell houses on Avenue J, long before the university pushed north of Seventeenth Street.

Psychological Service Center

The Canterbury Club is the Episcopal student group on the campus, with quarters in St. Stephen?s Episcopal Church, as shown in the 1962 Alcalde (note the steeple).

Psychological Service Center

A plaque outside the former sanctuary identifies this repurposed building as the Career Planning and Placement Center.

Psychological Service Center

The front of the former church,facing west.


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[2] The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building opens [Jan. 13, 2009]


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