The city of Huntsville is located in the piney woods of East Texas between Dallas and Houston. It is the seat of Walker County and was founded in 1836 by residents Pleasant and Ephraim Gray.
SHNI 1880
SHSU opened October 10, 1879 as Sam Houston Normal Institute, the first teacher training school in the southwestern United States.  In its 135 years, Sam Houston State University has become a leader in academics, athletics, service, and research.
Sam HoustonSam Houston State University is named in honor of Samuel Houston (1793-1863), a President of the Republic of Texas, Governor of the State of Texas, Governor of Tennessee, U.S. Senator, and Tennessee congressman. Sammy Bearkat
SHSU has been "tough as a bearkat" since that animal became its mascot in 1923. The first incarnation of a costumed mascot debuted in 1959 and the award-winning character has been present at sporting events and other university functions ever since.
Austin Hall
Austin Hall is the oldest building west of the Mississippi River to have been used continuously by an educational institution. It was the original building of Austin College and has served Huntsville in multiple capacities since 1852.
Peabody Memorial Library
The Peabody Memorial Library is the first separate college library building in Texas. It is the university's oldest extant building constructed after its founding in 1879.
Austin Hall
The sixth permanent structure on the SHNI grounds was the first science building. Today the Marks Administration Building houses the president's office.

Estill Building
The university’s second library is now home to various administrative offices and the Estill Building still carries the name of the longest-serving SHSU president
Main Building
Old Main - containing classrooms, administrative offices, and the Memorial Auditorium - was once described as "the most beautiful building owned by the State of Texas." It was destroyed by fire in 1982.
Industrial Arts Building
The Industrial Arts Building (1910-83) was the fourth permanent building and housed the newly-formed Department of Agriculture.
Women's Gymnasium
One of the first indoor swimming pool in east Texas was inside the Women's Gymnasium (1913-83), the campus's fifth building.
Baldwin Building
The campus demonstration school, and later Huntsville Junior High School, was located within the Education Building (1918-83), the seventh building on campus.
2008 Campus Master Plan
The SHSU Campus Master Plan Update was approved in February 2013 by the Texas State University System Board of Regents. The plan calls for new or improved academic space, new residence halls, non-academic structures, and a parking garage.
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Writing on the Wall
It's sort of a scavenger hunt to see how observant you are. It's supposed to be sort of fun, too. We'll give you a haiklu and a letter and leave it up to you to figure out the source of the writing on the wall...or floor, or ceiling, or wherever else the mood strikes. You'll get the idea pretty soon.
Last Small House Standing
Nineteen small houses stand on campus...which one will be the last (small) house standing? Toss your guess into the mix and say you participated!
The Buildings of Sam Houston State University website documents the physical changes of the SHSU campus in Huntsville from its inception in 1879 through tomorrow. The alumnus-run site details changes to the academic, residential, and historical buildings and other prominent landmarks.

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