Building Identification Numbers

Building Identification Numbers
The building identification numbers below are generated by SHSU and have been in continuous use for years. The earliest use we've found was in SHSU: 2000, the campus master plan update published in 1981-82. New numbers are published periodically through updates from the physical plantís property list. As we find new numbers we'll add them to our list.

For the most part each unique building gets a unique number; once the building is demolished then the number is retired. There are exceptions to that rule, however, for example, the number 0010 was first assigned to the Music Building (the southern half of the Evans Complex). When it was connected to the Evans English Building, it assumed that buildingís number (0011). In the early 2000s the number 0010 was reassigned to the newly constructed Academic Building Four.

In our list below numbers ending with letters indicate the following:

  • a,b,c, etc. - the order in which numbers were reused.
  • x - unconfirmed, but possibly correct based on building's geographic location in relation to other numbers.
  • z - one number possibly reused for multiple buildings.
And like everything else, this list is neither complete nor entirely correct but it is the most inclusive version.
Users can sort data by clicking the column headers.

Building ID
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