Sam Houston Parking Garage

1730 Avenue I
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2003 Constructed


Samuel Houston





The long-demolished and forgotten Custodial Services Office (#23) and Speech and Hearing Clinic (#76) buildings.

This aerial photo shows nothing but houses and trees between the Frels Apartment building (left) and the small houses (right). No LSC, no Smith-Kirkley and a campus not heavily congested at this point in time.

The parking garage sits on what was once a rather bumpy parking lot.


The Sam Houston Parking Garage looms over the central part of campus. The first such of structures, it contains 450 total parking spaces over four floors.

During the 1970s, the Custodial Services Office and Speech and Hearing Clinic, both apparently temporary buildings, were located  in the parking lot north of the LSC.  They were later removed.

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