Music Building

1751 Avenue I
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1986 Constructed as Fine Arts Building - Phase I




3D International, Inc.


Warrior Constructors, Inc.

An aerial photograph of the necessary and very worthwhile parking lot where the first phase of the Fine Arts Building would be located.


  • "Contact" (Art Department newsletter), May 1988

The three story School of Music Building is located in the northeatern part of campus and contains rehearsal halls, classrooms, labs, and practice rooms.

The university originally planned a large Fine Art center to house the art, music, dance, and drama departments in the early 1970s, to be located north of the then recently built library. Funds were eventually available for only the drama department and the creation of the University Theater Center. A decade passed before another attempt was made at completing the proposed center but, as before, only one building was built and eventually given over to the the music department. As such, the facility carried the name Fine Arts Building for decades.

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