Marks Administration Building

Marks Administration Building
1806 Avenue J
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1916 Constructed
1997-98 Renovated - interior
2001 Renamed for Marks


Bobby K. Marks


Endress & Watkin (1916)


Cross Construction Company (1916)

The four-year-old Science Building in an aerial photograph from 1920.

The biggest exterior change to the Administration has come on the eastern side: originally an empty yard, it developed over the years into a large parking lot. Extensive construction in the 1980s resulted in a new look with the parking lot gone and the street closed off, creating a more pedestrian-friendly campus.

The 85-year-old building gained an honorary name in 2001.


Vision Realized, Mary Estill, 1970

The Marks Administration Building is a three-story building located in the central part of campus along the historic quadrangle.  It was the sixth permanent structure to appear on campus, originally constructed as the university's first science building.

Today the Marks building contains offices for the President, Vice-Presidents, and the Registrar and is the third oldest academic building on campus.

The Farrell-Wright Carillon was heard from atop the building from 1980 to the late 1990s.

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