Academic Building One


1803 Avenue I
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Feb. 2, 1967:
Opened as MFL Building

Oct. 1987:
Renamed AB1




Wirtz, Calhoun, Tungate & Jackson (1967)

Linbeck Construction Corp. (1967)


Academic Building One (AB1/ABI) is a four-story academic building located in the east-central part of campus.

It was constructed as the Math and Foreign Languages Building, one of three buildings constructed in the late-1960s when Sam Houston State College expanded its eastern border. This academic building, the Business & Economics Building, and the university's third library became the first permanent structures to be located east of Avenue I.

By the mid-1980s there was a push to have the names of buildings reflect the disciplines taught within them. As math and foreign languages were being taught elsewhere, this building was given the temporary name Academic Building One [1]; other buildings affected by this change were AB2 and AB3.

Between the mid-1990s and early-2000s the College of Business Administration website identified AB1 as part of the College of Business Administration complex, housing Department of Management and Marketing classes and offices and the Lewis Center for Business and Economic Development that were not contained within the adjacent Smith-Hutson Business Administration Building.

Once home to the Political Science and Sociology departments, the facility is now mostly given over to the Department of Computer Science and SHSU Computer Services. The top floor consists of a penthouse that has a mechanical room.

In August 2012 room 201 was rechristened the Music Therapy Clinic.


Academic Building One

Sam Houston State Teachers College extended only to Avenue I in the 1950s.  That’s the eastern edge of the Frels and Wilson Apartments facing the camera; due north is the future site of the Lowman Student Center.

Academic Building One

An image from the 1967 Alcalde showing the newly proposed classroom building.

Academic Building One

The building was repurposed as an “Academic Building” in the 1980s.

Academic Building One

The dedication plaque inside the southern entrance identifies the original usage of the building: mathematics and foreign languages. (It makes sense: you see a lot of Greek letters in advanced trig and calculus.)


  1. Building Names Becoming Generic, Houstonian, Oct. 22, 1987


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